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Events in Southampton

A community rich in history and culture, Southampton offers a multitude of events and activities year round. Be sure to check back weekly for a full listing of events and activities.

Let us help you publicize your tourism event through our free online event listing. We offer these listings as a service for events within Saugeen Shores and communities within a 1/2 hour drive of Saugeen Shores.

Please make sure your event is not already listed before submitting.

All events that meet the criteria will be entered into the event database. We reserve the right to edit and/or refuse any events submitted. Events may be used in radio, print or online promotion. By submitting your event, consent is implied. 

General Criteria

  • The event must be open to the public and an event that people can physically attend.
  • The event must be run by a non-profit, charitable group and/or be an event that is offered at no cost to the public and/or be a fundraiser type event and/or be an event that is donating the proceeds to a non-profit group or charitable organization.
  • Event dates must be final; tentative dates are not acceptable.
  • Descriptions must be in sentence form.  There is a short description and a long description (labelled content) box to fill in.  
  • Events should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event to ensure enough time for processing and posting. 
  • Cancellations/changes must be submitted at least one week in advance of event occurrence.
  • Events must commence and end within the same calendar year.

Content Criteria

  • Details: Information must be directly related to event and cannot contain any sort of advertising, religious or political editorials, or solicitations. Messages must be free of slander, obscenities, and other material that may be considered unlawful.
  • Content: Information should be concise and entries must include the name of event (or title), event date(s), the community the event is being held in, brief description of the event and your full contact information
  • Format: Use plain text only! Do not include graphics or formatting such as bolded text, underlined text, italics, fancy fonts, coloured fonts or capital letters (however, acronyms are acceptable)
  • Accuracy: All submissions should be checked (by the person submitting the information) for spelling, grammar and accuracy of names, titles, dates, contact information, etc. Please note that submissions may be modified during processing, but not fact checked for accuracy of names, phone numbers, e-mail, web addresses, or related information.