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Southampton Dunes System
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Southampton Dunes System

Southampton, Ontario
Please note: Some business hours may vary due to COVID-19.

Visitors and resident's alike are asked to stay within the rails as they travel to and from the beach area. You are asked not to climb or disturb these dunes. Sunsets are only one of Southampton's natural wonders! Along Southampton's shoreline is a unique and fragile dune ecosystem.

One of the few intact natural dune systems in Ontario's urban areas, the dunes protect the shoreline from destructive storm waves. They also provide a suitable environment for numerous types of flora and fauna which flourish in a hot, dry climate. Special grasses have been planted to prevent erosion of the dunes; trails marked by wooden rails allow visitors to view the dunes' special characteristics without damaging or disturbing this sensitive ecosystem.

Interpretive signs are posted at the entrance to the dunes at the access points along the shore. This Dune system helps prevent further degradation of the dunes and disturbance of plant life. Loss of plants means increased erosion and, eventually, no sand dunes.

57 Morpeth Street
Southampton, Ontario, N0H 2L0
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